Legend Linen
Legend Linen is home to your favourite bed linen brands, each with its own signature style. From traditional, formal and embellished to contemporary, bold and fashion-forward, Legend Linen makes it easy to find the right look for your bedroom.

Legend Linen has been proudly supporting retailers since 1991. We distribute a group of iconic brands: Logan & Mason (including the Platinum and Ultima Collections), Private Collection, Davinci and Florence Broadhurst into department and specialty home stores, throughout Australia, New Zealand and Asia.

Located on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, Legend Linen operates from a premises that includes a large showroom, offices and warehouse/distribution facility.
Logan & Mason
Logan & Mason is a range of bed linen and accessories, perfectly suited to the modern Australian lifestyle. Established by a talented group of Sydney-based textile artists, the range spans contemporary design staples to fashion-driven trends, in bold, beautiful and colourful prints on cotton-rich fabric.

Taking design inspiration from earthern elements and landscapes to fashion runways and global cultures, Logan & Mason interprets these into bed linen stories with a built-in ‘wow’ factor.

Logan & Mason has a comprehensive range of accessories to take your bed from drab to fab. Layer in multiple textures like plush velvet, smooth satin, silky tassels, robust weaves and glistening sequins for an instant update. European pillowcases give your bed some height and can double as a bedhead. Decorative cushions in all shapes, sizes, colours and textures are a must and no look is complete without a beautiful throw draped over the end of the bed.

We know Australians love to decorate, and then re-decorate their homes, and with Logan & Mason’s competitive pricing and extensive range, you can change the look of your sleep space by simply changing your quilt cover set. It’s that easy!

For your ultimate night’s sleep, Logan & Mason also make a range of bedding essentials including sheet sets, pillows, quilts, blankets and more.
Platinum Collection
The Platinum Collection by Logan & Mason, combines classic design fundamentals with innovative fabrics and textured weaves.

Imbued with adaptability, Platinum designs are easy to dress up or down, so you can change your look from relaxed to semi-formal with minimal effort.

Soft-to-touch textiles are manipulated into visual and tactile stories using clever diamond and waffle weaves, yarn-dyed jacquards and panels of soft velvet, suede, chenille and satin. Extra special embellishments, including gathers, ruffles, prints, embroidery and pintucks augment the look.
Ultima Collection
The Ultima Collection by Logan & Mason is an ensemble of innovative jacquards and decorative fabrications in classic master bedroom style.

With a penchant towards formality, Ultima designs encompass both modern and traditional styles. Each design is a statement-making story, with their own co-ordinating accessories and elaborate detailing.

Yarn-dyed jacquards feature heavily, ensuring the fabrics are richly textured. Patterns range from florals and geometrics to stylised damasks in traditional European style.

Ornate embellishments such as sequins, pintucks, metallic thread, tassels, ribbons and braid, yield to a touch of glamour.
Private Collection
From luxurious and classic to fresh and modern, Private Collection creates beautiful master bedroom designs for the discerning and sophisticated consumer.

The range embodies luxuriously textured fabrics imbued with rich craftsmanship and exquisite detailing, as well as refined prints on natural cotton sateen for unparalleled comfort.

Private Collection has its own range of decorative accessories as well as 600 thread count, sleep-inducing sheet sets made from high grade Supima® cotton.

With a pedigree spanning thirty years, Private Collection bed linen is inherently sophisticated and an enduring tribute to elegance.
Davinci is a sumptuous collection of classic master bedroom stories, complete with co-ordinating accessories. Traditional design elements are fashioned into opulent statements which are inherently lavish, artistic and dramatic. The range spans florals, damask, geometrics and exotic motifs woven on richly textured, yarn-dyed jacquards with sensory, tactile qualities.

Davinci designs feature luxurious and ornate trims, including tassels, rope cord, fringing, metallic thread, embroidery and decorative braids.

Davinci’s range of highly embellished cushions and throws allow for countless decorator options to create the bedroom of your dreams.
Florence Broadhurst
To appreciate the Florence Broadhurst brand, one needs to understand the woman. Her extraordinary life and personality is preserved through her designs - dynamic, bold and colourful, just like her.

Florence was born in 1899 to a farming family in rural Queensland. As a youth, Florence was restless and desperate to escape the confines of a small town. Gifted with a natural exuberance and a fine singing voice, she developed these skills and was asked to join a vaudeville troop. When the opportunity to tour Asia arose, Florence jumped at the chance.

From Singapore to China, India to England, she lived an exhilarating life of travel where her greatest performances were those in which she reinvented herself. In Singapore she went by the stage name “Miss Bobby”, in China she was a savvy business woman, setting up a finishing school in Shanghai that taught wealthy Western expats, and by the time she hit London’s social scene, she was Madame Pellier: a French couturier dressing the rich and famous.

Florence smashed the social norm for women of the time by living a flamboyant life and adopting a new personality whenever she saw fit, but with one marriage behind her, and a second relationship with the father of her son on the rocks, she returned to Australia in 1949 with an embellished fictional history as an English aristocrat in tow.

With a few white lies about her qualifications and heritage sowed, Florence took up painting. She produced some 114 works in just two years and exhibited around Australia, but in 1959 when she found herself single and strapped for cash, Florence turned her creative eye to the interiors industry, taking over the wallpaper business of her then tenant who was struggling to pay his rent.

When most would consider the quiet life of retirement, Florence dived head first into her new career as a wallpaper designer. She went on to revolutionise the industry during the 60s and 70s by manufacturing and producing some 500 inspired hand-drawn and hand-screen-printed wallpapers. Be it brightly coloured peacocks, English tapestries, psychedelic patterns, Japanese-inspired florals, timeless geometrics and more, her work shook things up with shocking shades, never-before-seen scale, and exotic glamour inspired by her travels.

The Florence Broadhurst factory in Sydney’s Paddington was the place to be seen. It was a magnet for the hip with celebrities popping in and a party always in the works. Florence’s designs were now highly prized both locally and internationally, and with her unique style and fiery red hair, she was a staple on Sydney’s social scene. In a tragic twist, however; it all came to a sudden end when Florence was at the top of her game. On October 15, 1977, the 78-year-old designer was bludgeoned to death in the showroom of her factory as she was closing up for the day. Her murder has never been solved.

The Powerhouse Museum, Sydney, holds a collection of her work. The Broadhurst collection was acquired by Signature Prints Pty Ltd, and in 2005 many of her boldest wallpaper designs were still available, some reinterpreted as fabric prints by Akira Isogawa, Nicole Zimmermann and other leading Australian fashion designers.

If you’re a fan of energetic pattern and colour, Florence Broadhurst bed linen and accessories are the perfect fit for your home. Her hallmark patterns are timeless reminders of her most extraordinary life.