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How to Store your Bedlinen

Posted By: Logan & Mason

I recently decided to rearrange my wardrobes, and in thinking of how I would “attack” this task, I found it really helpful to look up different tips that had worked for others when it came to storing toys, various decorator items and of course, shoes and clothes! So I wanted to now share my tips on how to best store your bedlinen during their off peak season!

Firstly I would definitely recommend freshly washing and drying all bedlinen before storing. It’s important that everything is clean and thoroughly dried, as items with just the slightest sign of body oils or dirt are not only unhygienic, but can cause discolouration and encourage the growth of mould and mildew. For this step, choose a beautiful sunny day before winter really kicks in and if you must use a clothes dryer, ensure that you air the bedlinen for about an hour after taking it out of the dryer so that the fabric has time to breathe.

When it comes to quilts and pillows, I recommend airing these and letting the sun hit them on a nice day. It truly refreshes them and brings them to life.

Where should you store them?

I recommend finding a clear clean space in your cupboard, one that is dry and cool. Storing your bedlinen in a cupboard guards against fading caused by light and helps to protect them from insects. Once everything is washed and dried thoroughly, fold and place the pieces neatly.

Another tip is to store your sheet set or quilt cover in the pillowcase from the set. They act as great storage bags for your bedlinen. Put each sheet set and quilt cover in its own separate case and that way, you will be able to see what you have at a glance. You could place a lavender sachet in there too. It is best not to store any bedlinen in plastic boxes with lids, as mould and mildew love to breed in the humid confines of plastic. Storing in cardboard boxes is also not recommended as all sorts of nasties are attracted to cardboard.

If however you must use a container for storage, I recommend a plastic one with no lid and I would recommend you loosely fold the items and place them in the container and not squeeze too much in. The tighter you pack them, the less air that can circulate around and through the fabric. Another tip to storing bedding items such as quilts and blankets is to use the original packaging that the product was packed in. If you plan on doing this, I would suggest you poke some holes throughout the packaging to create an airway to keep the bedding items fresh.

If you can’t fit the containers in your cupboard, consider using a space in a spare room, or if you have good ventilation in your room, consider placing the containers under your bed (although this goes against our Feng Shui beliefs!)

Never ever should you store your linens in the garage/basement or attic or other rooms that are prone to humidity and huge fluctuations in temperature.

Also remember to check on your bedlinen during the winter, just to make sure the space is still clean and well ventilated. Once the spring has kicked in and you are ready to take the bedlinen out of storage I’d recommend a nice wash and dry on a sunny day. This will be the best way to refresh your sheets after they have been hibernating!

Happy storing!