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Tips for Styling a Guest Bedroom

Posted By: Logan & Mason

If you’re like me and you have family from out of town, you need to be prepared for overnight guests. If the thought sends you into a spin, then follow these tips for setting up your guest room the right way, reducing stress for you and ensuring your guests feel comfortable and at ease.

Imagine you are the guest and anticipate their needs. What would make you feel at ease? What would your needs be? By asking yourself those questions and making sure you have addressed them, your guests won’t feel that they are constantly bothering you and their visit will be a successful one.

Here are the most important things to consider:

1. The bed

A good bed will make for a pleasant stay. It is so important to make sure the bed is comfortable. Lie down on it and test it out. Is it saggy or old? Do you need to replace the mattress?

Invest in a Pillowtop Mattress Topper for a truly plush feel and use a mattress protector to keep it in good condition. Make the bed with luxurious sheets such as Logan & Mason’s 400 Thread count Egyptian cotton sheet sets. There’s nothing like the feeling of slipping into a newly made bed between soft, lustrous sheets such as these.

2. Pillows

We don’t all sleep the same way and we don’t all enjoy the same type of pillow. So make sure you have at least 2 different types of pillows on the bed for your guests to choose from. It’s wise to have a firmer pillow such as a latex pillow as well as a feather or microfibre pillow.

3. Make the bed look inviting

Chose a quilt cover that you love and dress it up with cushions and a throw rug. The cushions will make the bed look cosy and provide a comfortable place to sit and read a book or to just relax. A throw is essential to make sure your guest is always warm. Even in the warmer months, leave a throw rug on the bed for those afternoon naps.

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4. Bedside table

Provide somewhere next to the bed for putting things within reach of the bed. If your budget doesn’t allow for a bedside table, use a wooden stool, spare chair or a wooden crate instead. They are sturdy and usually just the right height. Look around your house. You’re sure to find something suitable.

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5. A lamp

A lamp beside the bed will make sure your guest can find their way to the bed in the dark without stubbing their toe on unfamiliar furniture. If you don’t have a small table lamp, then a floor lamp beside the bed is just as good. Whichever you chose, it doesn’t have to be fancy, just functional.

6. Mirror

Place a mirror somewhere in the room. I’m sure they would like to check themselves in the mirror before coming out in the morning!

7. Bench space

If possible, put a small bench or ottoman in the room for their suitcase. It will make unpacking so much easier and give them somewhere to put their personal belongings, other than on the floor.

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8. Storage space

Make sure there are some coat hangers in a cupboard. If there isn’t a cupboard in the room, buy a portable one. They are inexpensive and can be packed away in storage when not in use. Even a clothes horse with some coat hangers would suffice.

9. Towels

Provide at least two towels per person. A portable towel rack in their room is a great idea. That way, your bathroom doesn’t get cluttered by their towels.

10. Personal touches

Finally, add some personal touches to the room to make it look welcoming. There are several things you can do to enhance the room and make it homely. Place a photo frame with a photo in it that has some meaning to your guest. Cut some fresh flowers from your garden and put them on the bedside table to freshen up the room. Lastly, make up a tray with a kettle, mugs and teabags for the room so that your guests can enjoy a cuppa in their room whenever they like without disturbing you.

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Follow these tips and your guest room will feel like a home away from home. A happy guest means a happy host. And what’s more important than that!

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