The SS18 Edit - Florence Broadhurst

Posted By: Florence Broadhurst
This season, we celebrate the legacy of Florence Broadhurst with a selection of her iconic designs. Asian-inspired geometrics and florals feature heavily, referencing the many happy years Florence spent performing in the region. The scale is daring and emphasises the multiple patterns at play. Read more

The SS18 Edit - Ultima

Posted By: Logan & Mason
This season, Ultima explores vintage glamour in a mix of woven jacquards and fabric manipulations. Drawing inspiration from classic art genres, the designs use exaggerated scales to create drama while subtle and lustrous colours exude sophistication and elegance. Read more

The SS18 Edit - Platinum

Posted By: Logan & Mason
This season, the Platinum Collection explores a range of applications which imbue a range of fabrications with texture and subsequent pattern formation. The colour palette takes inspiration from nature, bringing soft and calming qualities to the bedroom. Read more

The SS18 Edit - Logan & Mason

Posted By: Logan & Mason
This season, Logan & Mason has colour on lock with big, bold and beautiful prints across a range of styles. From botanicals and tropicals to abstracts and stripes, Logan & Mason is the master at turning your bedroom from drab to fab. Read more

The SS18 Edit - Private Collection

Posted By: Private Collection
Private Collection has an affinity for creating chic, sophisticated stories. The SS18 collection pays homage to the element of light, by employing delicate shades of linen, white and silver as well as colourful designs tempered with subtlety. Read more

The Story Behind Florence Broadhurst

Posted By: Florence Broadhurst
Florence Broadhurst was born in Queensland in the late 1800’s – today upon reflection of her life she has woven an amazing technicolour tapestry around her, from her theatrical performances in the east, and later back home... Read more

Tips for Styling a Guest Bedroom

Posted By: Logan & Mason

If you’re like me and you have family from out of town, you need to be prepared for overnight guests. If the thought sends you into a spin, then follow these tips for setting up your guest room the right way, reducing stress for you and ensuring your guests feel comfortable and at ease.

Read more

How to Store your Bedlinen

Posted By: Logan & Mason
I recently decided to rearrange my wardrobes, and in thinking of how I would “attack” this task, I found it really helpful to look up different tips that had worked for others when it came to... Read more

How to Fold a Fitted Sheet

Posted By: Logan & Mason
The perfect way to fold your sheet! It’s not too much of a hassle, and gives a nice crisp finish. Pop a bottle of bubbles and celebrate becoming a master of folding a fitted sheet. Read more

How to Choose Towels for Your Bathroom

Posted By: Logan & Mason
The easiest way to breathe fresh life into your bathroom is by replacing your old towels with new ones. Perhaps you need a colour change or your old ones are just looking tired. Whatever the reason... Read more

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Posted By: Logan & Mason
Birthdays, Christmas, Easter… it just seems like there is always something on! This year I told myself I would be super organised and get a Mother's Day well in advance, however once again, I've left it to the eleventh hour ... Read more

How to Give Your Bedroom the Best Feng Shui Advantage

Posted By: Logan & Mason
When it comes to Feng Shui, there are a lot of rules to follow and it can seem impossible to achieve if you don’t have the luxury of a large room to work with. But don’t give up. Read more
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